Chi-chi, Byetown :o(

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Where I’m at: Chicago (t-minus 2 days)
What I’m doing: getting ready to go to brunch with Colleen!
Why I’m posting: parting is such sweet sorrow
Well Chicago, we’ve had a great run together. Had some laughs, had some cries, saw a lot of things…but the fact is, we’re too different. You’re a sprawling metropolis with a corrupt government, and I’m just a little soon-to-be bureaucrat too shy to ask for bribes. You really need the seasoned, steady hand of someone with a name like Daley. I need the blinding idealism of a man named after body odor (BO).

Okay, in all seriousness, I’m actually getting really sad about leaving Chicago. I’ve loved being in lots of places around the country and world, but I’m not sure I’ll ever love living in a place as much as I’ve enjoyed living in Chicago these past 5 years. I’m going to miss so many people here as well. I know that many friends have moved away in the last couple years, that I’ve lost touch with others, including former co-workers, and that I’ll inevitably lose touch with others (though not purposefully!). But I’ll remember all these wonderful times in this wonderful place. I’ll remember all the terrible times and how people have helped me through them. I’ll remember all the fun times and think fondly on them for the rest of my life. I’ll remember all the hot dogs, all the baseball games, all the days at the beach (though apparently my pale skin quickly forgot about those), and everything else. I really do hope to end up back in Chicago someday, though of course it will never be the same.

Anyway, it’s my final goodbye to a great place. Chicago, take care of Colleen these next few months. I’ve gotta get on a jet plane and rough D.C. back into shape!

My best to everyone here. Come visit…you’ll always have a place at my home, wherever in the world that will be.


Who said it: George Gipp (The Gipper) to Knute Rockne

Why it’s relevant: Goodbyes are only forever if you don’t remember them. I’ll think about what you’re all doing often.

The quote: “I don’t know where I’ll be then, Rock, but I’ll know about it…and I’ll be happy.”

  1. Five years in one place! That is like – forever! Hope you are ready for the idea of moving much more frequently … the good news is, someone else pays for it from now on 😉 Good luck getting started in DC, and we’ll see you in June!!

    • Ha, well that’s why it’s so hard to leave! Especially since it’s taxpayer money paying for the move, it’s like my friends are paying me to move away. What jerks!

      See you in June! Can’t wait to meet M and S!

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