Pics of DC the next

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Finally some more pics. I’ll say tomorrow what these buildings are, but a shout-out on the blog to anyone who guesses them. It’s a pretty famous place.

The art is African art, some from a Yoruba artist around the turn of the century in Nigeria (the ornamental bowl with birds on top). In the background of that pic is a beaded crown worn by kings of Mali Kingdom in the past. When put on, it makes them gods. In the other pic, the foreground is a Janus-like double-faced figure from the Republic of Congo carved to represent the ideal man/woman. In the background at far right, you can see a mask which specifically was one of Picasso’s inspirations to…well, do what Picasso did (whatever that was).


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