Pics instead of words…but one sweet link

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 at 4:12 am

Where I’m at: Falls Church, VA (outside DC)
What I’m doing: hanging with the wife finally!
Why I’m posting: finally getting some pics up
Have been having some trouble with the computer, so I haven’t gotten posts up lately. I’ll spare the “what’s going on” talk (studying French), the “soap box” talk (proud of Justice Stevens for his recent opinion: see for more), etc. Just some pics.

A pic of “Flag Day” when we all found out where we were headed. A pic of golf Sunday (not a bad backdrop), an appropriately located sculpture here in “Falls Church” (coming soon).

But the most important pics may be in this article: Finally God smote the wicked…or something like that. In case you’re not aware, this former eyesore was right next to my house (and a strip club, Hustler Hollywood Superstore, two flea markets, an outlet mall, and a maximum security jail…I grew up at quite an interesting exit).

And the pics:


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