J’était ici? (I was here?)

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2010 at 1:41 pm

As I sat down on the train after an “exhausting” day of only having class for two hours (“Administrative Wednesday”), watching one of the most exciting endings to a soccer (or any) match ever, and then watching the historical tennis match (my friend’s NYT article on it:, I perhaps understandably got on the wrong train home.

But alas, my new route allowed me to see that I’m not so alone in the world. In fact, my alter ego had apparently recently sat in the seat right next to me (see pic below). I can only assume he’s from Edgewood near Dayton, meaning we’ve lived parallel lives that are only now coming together. What is he like? Like me? Or like bizarro-me? What would bizarro-me be like? Don’t answer that folks…


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