New apartment!

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Balcony view 2

Colleen, finally emerging from her bottle, seems happy

Where I’m at: in our new apartment in Ballston (Arlington, VA)!

What I’m doing: getting ready to play some tennis with Colleen

Why I’m posting: some pics of the new place


Just thought I’d post three thoughts, one of which is in mostly in picture form:

1. Just met the out-going Ambassador to the Republic of Congo and his wife last night, as well as our embassy’s political assistant this week. Lovely people, all of them. Our excitement grows…

2. I’ve noticed I’m progressively more and more man-crushed on Joey Votto as his stats grow. I may need to propose when he wins the Triple Crown and MVP this year. What a stud.

3. New apartment!

I seem to be cautiously optimistic

Our balcony view

  1. Hi DeMark! Recent contemplations on the pros and cons of owning a Vespa, and how to do this for cheap/free, made me think of you (naturally…because didn’t you acquire a license-less but free Vespa last summer?) and I thought I would stop by and see what you were up to and say hello! Glad the trek to Africa is going strong. I shall be in Namibia this December, so if you are in the Rep of the Congo by then, I will wave! 🙂

    • Hey Katie! Thanks for the comment and thinking of me. Yes, we did come by a nice Vespa-like creature on the cheap. Unfortunately, it’s locked away in a storage facilty in Hagerstown, MD right now and even we can’t get it. Something about red tape…

      What are you going to Namibia for?? I’m jealous. I’m hoping one of my next few tours is there because I’ve heard great things. We will just about be getting ready for the ROC then, but won’t be there yet. But if you see our place from the plane, let me know how it looks!
      My best to you!

  2. The haze makes it look like you took this picture from my future apartment in Beijing. I finally clicked on the link to your blog.

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