Passific Northwest: A must-stop (that’s a pun)

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Where I’m at: Yeah, where have I been at?! Seattle, that’s where!

What I’m doing: getting ready for a fantastic road trip with my bro (actual, not brosef, brochacho, etc.; but a dude nonetheless)

Why I’m posting: to share some sweet pics of our sweet trip to Sweattle


So in the slideshow below (which is pretty long, but be patient please), you’ll find some photos of our recent trip to Seattle/Tacoma area. We were visiting with our great friends Andrea and Mike, along with seeing some other great friends, Matt and Carrie, and making new ones (incl. Jane and another Mike, pictured below). This was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest and I have to admit, it was all it was cracked up to be. Hopefully the photos that my lovely wife took do the place justice. But here are some highlights of the trip (and a preview of what’s in the pictures):

– While searching for Orcas (Killer Whales), our boat – where we were severely pummeled by spray – happened upon a humpback whale about 100 feet away, displaying some amazing behavior. It was truly a formidable and fabulous sight!

– We played flag football and ultimate frisbee on the Air Force base where Andrea works. Great time!

– We went horseback riding on San Juan Island after searching for whales. The photo of Mike “leading” us is really more of Mike’s horse leading him…away from the shot. Just the same, we had excellent horses- nothing like the broken down trail horses we expected. Also, there was a hunk of a cowboy there. I wasn’t that impressed, but Jane fell in love.

– We toured around Point Defiance, an old military outpost outside of Tacoma, but now the home to a zoo, running courses, and just amazing nature. There’s also some great shots from the Point of the “newly” constructed Tacoma Narrows bridge, which will hopefully meet a better fate than the last one.

– We sailed along the coast of a private island in the San Juan Archipelago, which has had its fair share of famous owners. Back in 1968, three taxidermist brothers turned the island into a private, exotic hunting ground, guaranteeing themselves income from the required post-mortem taxidermy. Walter Kronkite’s expose led to a law preventing the practices on the island in 1971, but the exotic animals remain. African Barbary sheep, Indian black buck, Corsican mouflons, Spanish goats, Indian spotted deer, Japanese sika deer, hybrid four-horned sheep and European fallow deer, some found almost nowhere anymore except on the island. Also, the island is completely forested on most sides, but the pictures here show cleared land and giant boulders, which was done naturally and left behind, respectively, by receding glaciers.

– We visited the Seattle market place, went to the original Starbucks, and saw the sculpture garden nearby (good luck guessing which picture shows the art work…as if there wouldn’t be a washing machine outside the Space Needle!).


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