Link-ing up with my brother (also a pun)

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Where I’m at: back in Arlington,VA, unfortunately maybe for a month more than expected (until Feb 2011?)

What I’m doing: considering whether my self-imposed haircut moratorium ought to be broken…for the sake of humanity (and their need not to see me with this 80’s-ish “slick wave” hairstyle)

Why I’m posting: some pics from my recent golf/road trip with my bro, Philip


Last week, my brother, Philip, was kind of enough to take some time away from work and Ohio to fly out to DC so that he and I could take a road trip back to Ohio. This is one of those “the journey is the destination” things. In this case, the journey included fulfilling a long-held dream of mine. Two things I love: hanging out with my brother and golfing. And often while road tripping around the country and passing innumerable (unless you know how to count) golf courses, I’ve daydreamed of stopping at each and golfing. I always thought it would be a fun road trip to take with my brother, and fortunately, we were able to do it.

The trip was high on highlights and low on lowlights (poor scores and rain mostly) and was overall a great diversion, great success, and was great fun. I’ll certainly treasure the memories and would absolutely recommend such a trip (though one could substitute bookstores for golf courses, sister for brother, etc. as one might wish) to one and all. Though we strayed a bit at times from the stated objective of not looking at a map either to find a road or a golf course, generally nous avons vagabondés (I love that that is a French word for “to wander”). And though my brother and I are very much alike in many respects, we differ in some specifics which enhanced the trip. For instance, while I generally leave a conversation with strangers to a few lines and only when the circumstances seemingly call for conversation, my brother is so congenial that he strikes up conversations with everybody. That trait played well as we traveled through rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and Ohio and we learned some cool things because of it. Also key was that he has AT&T and I have Verizon, and amazingly they were perfectly overlapping (when one had no service, the other did). Anyway, it serves to remind me that (a) I love my brother, (b) I shouldn’t expect to shoot 79 on the course all the time (I think one course we played, I may have shot that on the front 9), and (c) differences make for interesting conversation.

Also, I can out drive (off the tee) my muscle-bound brother. So ha! Of course, it’s often necessary to measure back towards the fairway from the trees I inevitably just hit into.

Below, then, are some pictures of the trip. Conspicuously missing are pictures of the scorecards – saved for posterity but otherwise hidden for face-saving. We took a picture at the entrance of every course. We couldn’t play one because of rain and another because we were too late to pay with credit (which is which should be evident from the pictures). Otherwise, the pics are of some of the beautiful landscapes and wildlife that I’m too inept to capture perfectly even with a great camera. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them!


Who said it: Bobby Jones, one of the greatest golfers ever

Why it’s relevant: Road trips, golf trips, and the like teach and remind us all about the bigger picture

The quote: “Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

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