Best music of 2010 (lifted from Matty)

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Where I’m at: Arlington (t-minus roughly 56 days….yea! the “t-minus” list is back!)

What I’m doing: desperately trying to figure out how to look at the same fantasy football stats in another way because I can’t believe the “season” is almost over.

Why I’m posting: some good tunes to share


So my very good buddy Patty Madberg, (or Matt Padberg, if you don’t speak Zahm House…a Notre Dame reference), is so kind to pass along his “best of” music list each year. He calls for inputs and debates, but it’s really hard to top his exhaustive research. You know those guys who know everything about something and yet have no ostensible connection to that thing other than pure interest? That’s Matty and music. Since he’s so good at this, I’m including his “Best of 2010” below. Now a caveat: Matty likes good music (and so do I), so our music doesn’t often include hardcore rap, country, bands that are too fringe, instrumental, etc. Seriously, some of that stuff is great, but it didn’t make this list. Also, these are all albums that came out this year. Finally,…these are just of the albums we’ve (he’s) listened to, so if you have an addition – of any genre – that was missed, please clue me in!

The list:

  1. (tie) The Black Keys – Brothers / Broken Bells – Broken Bells
  2. The National – High Violet
  3. Surfer Blood – Astro Coast
  4. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
  5. (tie) Free Energy – Stuck On Nothing / Yeasayer – Odd Blood
  6. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
  7. Vampire Weekend – Contra
  8. Tame Impala – Innerspeaker / Local Natives – Gorilla Manor
  9. Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History
  10. (tie) Gorillaz – Plastic Beach / LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

Honorable mentions: M.I.A. – /\/\/\Y/\; Matt & Kim – Sidewalks; Janelle Monáe – The ArchAndroid; Fitz & The Tantrums – Pickin’ Up The Pieces; Maximum Balloon – Maximum Balloon; Neon Trees – Habits



Who said it: The National, my favorite band, a Cincinnati band (now the best Cincy band ever…finally topping 98 Degrees and Blessid Union of Souls…thank goodness), and residents of a loft building right down the street from here. From their song “Green Gloves”

Why it’s relevant: this was the closing song at our very good friends’, Mike and Andrea, wedding. It’s really stuck with me, especially as friends move away and we prepare to move even further.

The quote:

Falling out of touch with all my
friends are somewhere getting wasted,
hope they’re staying glued together,
I have arms for them.

Take another sip of them,
it floats around and takes me over
like a little drop of ink in a

glass of water
  1. I approve this message.

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