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Where I’m at: Detroit airport (t-plus 3 weeks)
What I’m doing: heading to Nashville to see my bro and then on to Ohio to see family
Why I’m posting: in need of commiseration
While he and his fiancee were in town last weekend, my buddy Joe was talking about our respective blogs. Joe is a cross between Michelle Rhee and Tim Kurkijan (that comparison would make George Will blush) and knows a think or two about blogging. He told me he liked how I started and ended each post the same way. Many will notice there appears a countdown at the beginning…one that had recently hit single digits for our move to Brazzaville. Well, unfortunately, the t-minus is now a t-plus because my training has been extended.

Firstly, I’m disappointed. I want to get to post and pitch in asap. I want Colleen to get to fulfill her life-long dream of living in Brazzaville (kidding). Mostly, I wanted to feel like I was earning the taxpayers’ money. But secondly, I get paid less while in training (which should soothe the consciences of my libretarian readers Eric, Gabe, and perhaps Smiler Grogan, though working at Citi isn’t exactly eschewing tax dollars).

Anyway, this post is mostly a means of updating our travel status. Speaking of that, I can’t help but feel saddened by being delayed in the Detroit airport instead of in Paris, as we had planned to be. Then again, I watched part of “Rush Hour 3: Running Out of Stereotype Jokes” yesterday to try to cheer myself up (that may have been a miscalculated effort) and getting beat up by cops in the Paris airport didn’t seem that fun for Jackie Chang and that guy who isn’t actually Chris Rock. And besides Detroit has some of the coolest attractions of any airport: a psychdelic epilepsy-inducing tunnel, an awesome shooting-water fountain, wine bars, a tram…
Ma, bring the kids! Seriously, if Detroit’s auto industry ever got in trouble, that airport will keep bringing in tourists (on their way to other locales).
Who said it: Homer Simpson
Why it’s relevant: just as Rush Hour 3 prepared me…
The quote: (to Bart about being prepared for action and discipline) “Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies?! Because they were funny?! Well I didn’t see anyone laughing, did you?!!”


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