Fotos (phinally!)

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Finally going to post some photos. I’ll spare the intro to save some space on this post, page, or in your email inbox. And thanks, as always, for reading. It’s been great readership- I hope it’s at least in part because you want to see what life is like for a tree-hugger living in the land of trees.

Here’s some photos from my favorite place in Brazzaville. It’s not work, nor home, nor one of the cool restaurants/bars along the river. It’s the tennis club, but not for the pretentiousness (which there is), but because I love tennis and being able to play it at reasonably good standards. The club has 8 clay courts (including a sunken center court with stands on both sides), 2-ish hard courts (one isn’t really usable), 2 badmitton courts, a squash court, a bridge club cards room, swimming pool, playground, and a outside club house, which serves drinks and also food (pizzas, crepes, etc.) on the weekends. All in all, pretty darn nice. Plus, it’s surrounded on all sides by a forest reserve, which is right in the center of the city. Only downside (besides the price): there’s at least one gigantic, probably poisonous spider living in the club house right above the table I always sit at. Damn that movie Arachniphobia!

Center court

Back of club house and view of pool

View from deck into outside club house

Some more courts

And to switch topics and show some of the other lovely sights of Brazzaville, here’s a couple photos from the Rond-point des anciens combattants (Veterans Roundabout), which is better known as the CCF (French Cultural Center) roundabout, which is a minute from our house and is one of the more important intersections (or “carrefours”) in the city. One photo shows the Ministry of Mines on the left and the Ministry of Planning on the right. Despite being across the street, they have no internet connection between them. Virtually no internet connections exist outside of internet cafés here, even in the (nearly 40) ministry buildings. The other photo is from the same roundabout, showing (poorly) the pretty awesome fountain there, as well as a couple of the ever-present taxis. Mind you, none of the numerous fountains existed before the 50th anniversary celebration last year and they only run from time to time now. When they do, it’s a frequent sight to see local folks retrieving water from them because there’s no effective water lines to most of the city/country. A saddening contrast.

CCF roundabout


Fountain at CCF


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