KFC: Kentucky Fried Congo

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Where I’m at: Brazzabeautiful

What I’m doing: CDCing what’s happenin’ (that’s more clever if you knew I just had a meeting with the CDC and am now checking my Outlook account)

Why I’m posting: cuz I ain’t chicken…but this is!


In those lands where copyright lawyers dare not tread, imitation – or rather flat-out infringement – is king. Knock-off Ray-Ban’s and Gucci wallets, first-run movies filmed on second-rate handheld cameras, and pictures of American flags with 41 stars and roughly 10 1/2 stripes: par for the course in Hong Kong, Rome, heck, New York. Apparently, though, a taste for quality knock-off quality things has made its way to our humble shores. And I do mean taste.

3D Chicken Box. Yes my friends, all the dimensions of flavor! Now mind you, I’m not one to find myself regularly at KFC when back in the states, seeing as how I value my heart, waistline, arteries, stomach life. Then again, I’ve often found myself daydreaming about American fast food since I’ve been here, mostly because it’s been heretofore entirely absent. But toforenomore with the opening of this KFC wannabe.

Now, lest you believe that I’m associating any fried chicken place with KFC for sake of ease, please take a look at the pictures. While dimensionally less exciting than the food itself, the pictures were clearly ripped off of a KFC menu board. You can actually see the Colonel’s face and the letters “KFC” on the potato wedge and coleslaw cups (neither of which is served at 3D Chicken Box). But to avoid suspicion, they changed the identities. There are no “Snacker’s” or “Snacker Wraps.” 3D CB has “Zingers” and “Zinger Twisters.” Incidentally, you have to order the chicken meals with chicken, a fact I unwittingly learned halfway through a mayo, lettuce, and tomato ZingTwist.

The story is (upon asking the manager) that the store was opened by a DRC General’s son, who after having toured Europe, decided to open a restaurant that served fried chicken, played only American hip-hop, served Coke/Sprite, and had 70s-diner style tables and chairs. I chose not to point out the irony.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know that we’re no longer suffering here in Brazzaville. And though I’m being hyperbolic about how much I want to eat chicken fingers that aren’t actually chicken fingers for once, I am actually excited that the restaurant exists, just for giving some reminder of home. But if we want it to stay here, we might have to eat there every night to keep it in business because here’s the irony: while fast food has seriously damaged poor America because of its high fat, low nutrition, low cost nature, the poor of Brazzaville can’t possibly afford a 5000 CFA (about $12) Big Chicken Sandwich + fries. In fact, only the rich expats could. The poor will have to continue to go to the street market across the way from 3D and buy 6 tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, 6 carrots, 4 limes, 5 apples, 10 boules/baguettes, an eggplant, a pineapple, green peppers, and spinach for a total of about $3. Meanwhile, the people that might have chosen to eat healthy in America or Europe will go to the Chicken Box. Mmmm finger lickin’ irony.

But God Bless America 🙂


Who said it: Gary Larson, comic…genius

Why it’s relevant: a little copyright infringement deserves another

The picture quote:

  1. My dear DeMark and followers of BlawBlawBlog, I would like to point out that the name of this restaurant is 3D Chicken Food, as made evident by the photos. I understand why you want to call it 3D Chicken Box. The “Box” part just kind of goes with the “3D” part. But while the name your subconscious gave to this restaurant would make sense, its actual name does not. Perhaps the name reflects the owner’s desire to have everyone know that his chicken is 100% real, edible food in all 3 dimensions. Or…since this restaurant and the words “City Center” are the only English to come by downtown, I’m going with it’s a crappy translation from French. Bwahaha… It’s almost as good as #1 Chinese – We Delivery. Chew on that!

    • My dearer Colleen: thank you for so publicly pointing out my mistake. Incidentally, I find yours just as amusing. While I included a picture that clearly said “Food” instead of “Box,” you wrote “BlawBlawBlog” on a blog clearly titled “Blah Blah Blawg.” Haha! Last laugh!

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