A-round about Brazzaville: statuesque

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2011 at 11:09 am

Where I’m at: Kinshasa (in the other Congo finally!)

What I’m doing: budget for our Pol-Econ section next year (and trying to justify $30 steak and fries here…wow it’s expensive!)

Why I’m posting: realizing a 5 month long dream


You’ll always remember your first time.

Here I mean your first time in Africa. Or more specifically, Congo.

That first night, after we got off the plane, got hit in the face with the now-familiar smell for the first time, and then thankfully saw a familiar face waving us in from the terminal, we drove down the main boulevard to our new home. And greeting us at the first major intersection was one of the most bizarre statues I’d ever seen. Something with a bucking elephant, apparently enraged by the loss of hundreds of brethren, whose tusks were plastered to the statute’s base. I vowed then to post pictures of what I’ve come to find is common in Brazzaville: the roundabout statute.

So here are pictures of some of the more notable roundabout statues. Most appear along one of the main roads, but some required some searching. Some are cool (the old tank swearing war never again, near our warehouse), some bizarre (besides the Tusk Memorial outside the tennis club/stadium/Congress roundabout, there’s the masks outside Hotel Adonis’ roundabout), and some ironic (deposed President Father Fulbert Youlou’s statue at the City Hall roundabout). None are quite as funny though as the signs in Brazza, which Colleen offers a first look at here.


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  1. Roundabout statues are popular here in Guinea too. My favorite? An elephant kicking a soccer ball.

    • Haha, would love to see that! I love the statues, but could really pass on the roundabouts here. It makes getting around really difficult…

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I love all your pics.

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