About this blog and author

Author: DeMark Schulze was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and grew up in Midwestern America. A 2005 biology and anthropology graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a 2009 graduate of the DePaul University College of Law, DeMark started work with the U.S. Department of State in 2010. DeMark has traveled the world, achieved some great things, been lucky enough to have great family and friends, gotten married, been published as a poet and legal writer, and generally had an awesome life, even in the face of adversity. Good for a joke or to cry with you anytime, DeMark encourages you to contact him.

Blah Blah Blawg: This web log, or “blog,” is not really a “blawg,” which is a law blog. However, as the author is a lawyer, frequent legal references and law- or lawyer-derived quotes will grace this blog’s pages. So yeah, it’s not just an incredibly witty web address. Contributions from guest editors are welcome on any subject, but most posts will detail the author’s life in various parts of the world or act as a sounding board for his work or ideas. But hey, a little change of pace never hurt anyone (except the guy who failed to brake behind you).

  1. DeMark! I have been trying to find you for years (not in a creepy way, haha). Do you remember me? Jami? We met at student council camp and used to e-mail all the time when you were at ND. When you graduated, I had no way to get in contact with you. I’m so glad you are doing well! I knew you would. 🙂 Send me an e-mail so we can catch up. Later!

    • Hi Jami! I replied to you via email, so check your inbox. Hope all is well! Look at that…blogs bringing people together. What a wild world.

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