Holy Copyright Infringement, Batman!

Well, I should have known it was too good to be true. There are between 275 and 450 million English speakers in the world. Roughly 1.1 million of those are lawyers (Those are real stats). Probably about 500,000 are tech savvy (that could be a gross overestimate). Maybe 1/50 of those – say, 10,000 – have ever considered starting a blog. Of those 10,000, I’m guessing maybe 1/3 would consider starting a law blog, or “blawg.” So it was out of that maybe 3,000-4,000 people in the entire world – literally, worse than a “one in a million shot” – that I was competing against for coming up with a clever blog title.

And I still lost.

Apparently has existed for some 3-4 years. I checked it out (though too late to have not set up this blog already) and it’s a good, interesting site. At this point, I’m probably not going to change my domain name, but I understand there will likely be some unintended cross-pollination here. If the author of that site wants to contact me, I’d encourage it. Otherwise, I’ll keep inadvertently directing DeMark Schulze’s friends and family to someone else’s site. At least he’s a witty guy. 3 yrs wittier than me, in fact.

RSS my blog, people! It’s one button to click on the homepage, so no excuse to go to the wrong site. Dang it…

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