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A funny punk-out and who I am

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2010 at 1:34 am

Passionate. Dedicated. Fun. Intelligent. Driven. One who succeeds at what he undertakes. Caring. Attentive.

During our training for the Foreign Service, more than one presenter suggested that we make a list of attributes we want people to believe about us and then write that list down to keep with us to remind us how to act. I usually don’t go for that kind of thing, but some conversations with Colleen have made me realize that self-assurance isn’t always the right road to hoe.

So here’s me vulnerable and here’s my list. I see myself as those above attributes. Do you see me that way?


And now something lighter!

Here’s a funny story. Very funny (to my friends and I), in fact:
This weekend, we were in Cincinnati for our friend Eric’s bachelor party. On our way out of the hotel after the Reds-Cubs game, our friend Bryan (a Reds fan like me) spotted infamous Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano, who had just given up 6 runs and a grand slam in relief.

Needless to say, Zambrano would not have been in a good mood. He’s a big guy and notorious for punching people and things. Nevertheless, Bryan approached Zambrano as he stepped onto the escalator. “Z- good game, man,” said the non-Reds-adorned Bryan as he extended his hand. As Zambrano went to grab and shake it, Bryan allowed his hand to go limp (the famous “dead fish” handshake, a Bryan favorite). As he pulled his hand away from the limp handshake, Bryan stuck the hand in Z’s face and yelled, “Fished ya!” A very confused and upset Zambrano responded with “What the F-!” and turned as if trying to decide whether to (justifiably) punch Bryan in the face, but a security guard intervened.

It took us all about 10 seconds to appreciate the magnificence of the punk that had just occurred, but then we went wild. Bryan…what a beautiful jerk. I love it!

And THAT was the wildest thing that happened at the bachelor party. I promise. Sort of.