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Tedium — in training

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Oh inspired heart!

Oh measured mind!

Both have forsaken me.

Leaving in their stead

But a few Romantic words

Of waning mourning.

I cannot but look out upon my city

That once stirred great things in me

And now feel only self-pity

Over what things should but will never be.


For the time has passed me by

To move great mountains of men

With none but my words

And lift them to Victory.


The time has passed for allusion.

Days are now bathed

In the light of this day and none other

And we are left to scratch out

Mere existence

Amongst a myriad of worry

A torment of troubles

A rising tide of anger and resent

And that very worst of all, Routine.


Perhaps our knight will once again come riding

To alert us to the lurking villain

To slay the tedium that itself has slain inspiration.

Perhaps he shall claim us as his maiden

And ride off to foreign conquests in our name

Braving the ever-present threat

Of quietly passing away to obscurity while none watch.


Maybe these days, too, shall turn

Nights and winters, too, shall fade

New summers will bring new dreams

All at once the same as those we had passed

And drawn our soaring hopes from,

And all at once bearing the sign of Difference,

That great temptress of promise and hope

And regret.

We once said that it was not for us to say

That the world would pass

Without paying us notice.

And in the face of this great Indifference

We swore against the world and to it

That we would be known

That we would change her

Whether the world wished it or not.


What happened to that inspired heart?

Is it laid in irons?

And that calculating mind,

Has it timed its exit?


There is, of course, time

As there always is

But she is no ally here

Too cold and indifferent to care

About the plight of mortality

About the scar of birth into a dying cage.


First crack at poetry in French

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Thanks to all the new readers for visiting, especially the new folks from my A-100 class checking out the site. I thought new readers deserved a new blog layout, so I hope you like that as well.

I realize that I haven’t posted anything law-related for awhile. I’m sorry to disappoint those lawy-el readers (man, that’s a good pun). But I thought you’d like to practice some French with me. So please, comments in French would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, I just want to say, Luke, I’m thinking of you. Good luck. Also, Philip, good luck with Megan’s move. I know it’s a rough time for a lot of people right now for all sorts of ways. Even if I can’t be there, I’m thinking of you all and wishing you the best.


(I took some liberty’s with French to write this. For non-French speakers, know that the rhyme pattern is, believe it or not: AAAAB CCCCD EEEEF)

Puis-je peut-être re-recommencer?

J’ai quelque chose dont je veux parler.

Vous savez d’où je viens, c’est vrai,

Donc, je pense que vous me devez…

Une occasion…

On essayerait de mieux faire tous les jours

Mais on trouverait que c’est impossible, mon amour

C’est vrai que le rouge est amour’s couleur

Mais c’est aussi vrai que le rouge est pour…

Mon sang.

Alors, une fois de plus, je vous demande `a vous

Donnez-moi votre cœur et rien de plus

Et ensuite vous aurez votre propre fou

Qui habiterait toujours au dessous

De votre “amour de la lune.”

Some poetic thoughts

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I said this blog would contain some poetry. And yet, to this point, it’s mostly been a blawg or a blah-g (legalese or boring). Or just pictures. Let’s paint some pictures with our minds this time. (PS: Thank you to all the loyal visitors of this site. Whomever was the last visitor became the 1500 person to the site! Not a bad half-year!)


I live in shades of grey.


Daily I find roads diverging

                and daily I choose one.

                and yet nightly I dream the other.


I live in shades of grey


                the world has so many colors.


I wish for insight; I wish for all things

                but time requires of me

                to have but one time at a time.


I live in shades of grey

                and all I ask is

                for the lost life this costs me.


When one can only live but once

                he will lay in the one bed he makes

                while dreaming of others.


I live in shades that grey

                more with each day’s passing

                and more in the light of new days.


Can we not ask for just one more try

                at the day just passed by

                at the thing one cannot buy…


                Another try.



And so each morning comes to pass

After each effort passes along.

We may then wish for another cast

And a new day beneath a new sun.


But we are all left with what we have

And have chosen perhaps what chose us.

New efforts may bring new paths

But old labors still collect new dust.


Tomorrow will yet be another trip

Down life’s unknowable river.

So I leave here myself this tip:

Chances lost let not make you quiver.


Because tomorrow’s choices will soon be

The joyful memories of some past day.

And at last you will then clearly see

That we all live in shades of grey.